Pottinger 22 is located in Central, Hong Kong. Through the integration of art and life, we create a place of inspiration with outstanding temperament in the bustling city.

Pottinger 22 is committed to cross-border cultural communication, linking art, design, cultural activities and brands. While conveying the core value of art to society from multiple angles, it also leads the younger generation to better understand, inherit and exchange classic culture.

This exhibition is planned by Manzhi Yanyun Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., where Pottinger 22 founder Mr. Fang Yuanming works. Hong Kong Mingheshe Publishing Co., Ltd. authorized Manzhi Yanyun Cultural Industry Company to invite artist Ren Zhe to design and produce sculptures based on characters in Jin Yong's literary works for the exhibition on the occasion of the centenary of Jin Yong's birth.


Boundless Artists Collective Limited is committed to engaging  cross-cultural and artistic communications, and is dedicated to delivering the best opportunities to artists and discovering cultural essence through a variety of art forms. It also works to present the cultural heritage embedded in the arts from different angles and new perspectives, while encouraging the younger generation to learn about and carry forward traditional Chinese culture.

Ming Ho Publications Corporation Limited is a Hong Kong registered company founded by Mr. Louis Cha (Jin Yong), holding exclusive rights to all of Mr. Cha's works.

Ren Zhe is a pioneering young sculptor. Despite his young age, he has a profound understanding of the illustrious history and culture of China. He also has a global vision that enables him to incorporate the Eastern and Western culture, as well as traditional and modern aesthetics, in his works. Through the use of contemporary materials, he brings out the interplay between the contemporary artistic expressions and the quintessential values of traditional Eastern philosophy in perfect harmony. The unique theme of Ren Zhe's works strives to convey a timeless aspiration, for a virtue that embraces the world and to ceaselessly enrich oneself. His works, highly dynamic and illustrative, encapsulate Ren Zhe's intensely humanistic aspirations, allowing us to appreciate the eternal essence of art and culture.

Guyu Cultural Development Foundation is a non-profit arts and cultural organisation. It is committed to inviting artists from all over the world to hold exhibitions in Hong Kong to create a rich artistic environment in the community and ultimately to popularise the arts. It also supports the development of local arts and culture, and promotes interaction and exchange between Hong Kong and the rest of the world in the field of arts and culture.